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    From: Matt Lloyd & David Waters

    Dear Friend,

    I've got some hard news to share with you today, but if you read this entire short letter, I'll reveal to you how this hard news can actually turn your life around and start putting loads of cash in your pocket… each and every month. gurusHere's the bad news. You've been lied to. Repeatedly. All those *gurus* telling you that they can teach you how to make money online… are really lining their own pockets with your hard earned cash. The majority of them don't even practice what they preach, so to speak. What I mean is… most of them don't even do the things they're trying to teach YOU to do… all they're doing is selling you "how to make money online" junk. Regurgitated… over and over again. And I know this from my personal experience.

    My name is David Waters, and I'm a lot like you.

    David-watersIn fact, just a few short months ago I was up against the wall.

    I had tried everything to start making money online. I did every course, every "affiliate program" every "guru" mastermind… and nothing worked for me.

    At that point I would think it was my own fault, and start throwing good money after bad trying (and failing again) to find that elusive online income.

    If you had met me at that time I would have told you to save your money and find something else to do, that it just couldn't be done.

    At least not like all those "gurus" kept telling you.

    But then something pretty amazing happened, I met a guy who I'll introduce in just a moment.

    And he had the most amazing, simple and get this… profitable system to make money online I've ever seen. A real solution, not some warmed over microwaved crap from a decade ago…

    Not at all. This was an entirely new cutting edge system designed with people like me (and like you I suspect) in mind to allow them to get the kind of success they deserve.

    His name, as you might have seen at the top is Matt Lloyd and he's my partner on this project. Together we've been working on a system that opens the door to profits like you've never seen before, in a rock solid foolproof system that he originally built from scratch.

    I'm going to let him fill you in on his story in his own words in just a second, but I'd like to give you some statistics first.

    Important numbers that you need to know.

    Remember I said from the start that you'd been lied to, and the problem is a bit deeper than that.

    Not only have you been lied to, but you've been denied the right set of tools to even get started doing the job correctly, let alone the foundation to build it on.

    The same thing holds true for offline businesses… did you know that most small businesses FAIL miserably in the first 3 years?

    90-percentNot only that, most of them have to declare bankruptcy and have an enormous debt load to boot.

    But there's one kind of business that thrives when others fail.

    Franchises. In fact, 90% of franchises are profitable in the same amount of time it takes for solo-entrepreneurs to go under.

    Think about that for a minute.

    What separates a franchise from any other small business?

    Here's the big secret, and if you only take this ONE thing from this letter, let it be this.

    Franchises start with a SYSTEM.

    A proven business system. In fact, you can't even try to become a franchise unless you have a least 2 profitable locations and systems in place to ensure their success.

    I call it "The McDonald's Principle" and Matt taught it to me.

    And here's what it is in a nutshell.

    Go anywhere in the world and find a McDonalds (it won't be terribly hard)

    No matter where you are, minor variations aside, the burgers, the service and the restaurants will be almost exactly the same.

    big-macA Big Mac is always going to taste like a Big Mac, and the fries too. The prices will be cheap and you can bank on that consistency, state to state, and country to country.

    Not only that, because the system is so well designed, McDonalds franchise owners can hire cheap labor instead of costly skilled labor… because their training system is second to none.

    So why share this principle with you?

    It's the exact same reason that most online business efforts fail. Almost NONE of the products, courses, programs and any other online business venture lack the ONE thing that they need to be successful.

    A system.

    That's where Matt and I come in.

    I'd like to introduce you to:
    My Online Sales Machine

    And to tell you more about it, I turn this over to the creator of the very system that's allowed me to partner with him and find the most success I've ever had to date online.. Matt Lloyd.

    matt-lloydMy name is Matt Lloyd and the Online Sales Machine you’re about to get access to is my incredible proven system for generating high-ticket commissions in a very short amount of time. Now these commissions are what we call ‘Top Tier Commissions’ and they range from $1,000 per sale up to $10,000 per sale and using this system was what allowed me to go from making a measly $700 a month online to a mind blowing $314,000 per month online just 18 months after implementing this system. …. and the best part is it is all based on a duplicable, scalable system that you can plug into. The most important thing to take away from this is you need to have a system. And just to be completely transparent with you I want to show you what my monthly revenue looked like using and leveraging this system:


    As you can see in late 2011, things really started to take off.

    Then 2012 was just incredibility overwhelming, even for me. We went from doing $81,000 at the start of that month in January alone and we finished that year doing several hundred thousands per month.

    Now, I don’t show you all this to brag but just to show you that this is what we actually did, these are real numbers from my actual business once we started leveraging this system. And to be perfectly clear, I could get into a lot of trouble if I mess with these numbers and told you that they were real by putting this out there publicly. So, just rest assured, the things I am showing you, are documented, proven results.

    Now, I spent years of my time building and developing the system we’re about to share with you today. I’ve easily invested over $150,000 of my own money back into the system to make it better, more effective and more automated so that you can make easier commissions.

    I’ve refined the system and the result is what you’re about to discover today. And I’d like to invite you to join us, but I’ll tell you more about that in just a minute.

    Now, here is what leveraging this Online Sales System will do for you:

    • It’s going to allow you to put leads into automated webinar sales funnel sequences that will generate cash for you on auto-pilot.
    • It’s then going to prompt our phone sales team to follow up with your leads on the phone and offer them other programs that we have, great programs, and every time they buy this is going to put commissions in your pocket from $1,000 right up to $10,000 per sale.
    • Then it will put those leads into backend sequences for even higher ticket programs including an exclusive License Rights Program.

    The reality is that My Online Sales Machine cuts through all the day to day drudge work of “running a business” and lets us focus our time where it matters most… and that’s generating TRAFFIC…

    Not just any kind of traffic either, traffic that CONVERTS. And that’s another little secret that most gurus aren’t going to tell you. Almost everyone of them tries to teach people that if you get massive amounts of traffic to your offer… you make sales.

    What they basically present to you is that:

    Traffic = Sales. Presto!

    And it is just not true… The problem is, it’s a lie, it’s a complete lie, because if you drive traffic, you will make sales, but only, only if you actually have something that converts! Unless you have that out of the gate you’re flushing your money down the drain over and over again. That’s another super powerful reason that this system is so incredibly important.
    wasting-moneyIf you have something of quality… that sells.

    You see, this system has been fine-tuned to make the conversions be the highest that they possibly can be. That means, when you send traffic, you are much more likely to actually make commissions. We know that this system converts. We’ve actually paid out over 25 million dollars in commissions to people all over the world who leveraged this very same system that you’re now about to get access to.

    The great part about this system is you don’t have to go create products, websites, or any of that stuff. You don’t have to mess with merchant accounts, do customer support, you don’t have to do any of the normal stuff that most online businesses need to do.

    My Online Sales Machine
    does ALL of that for you as well.

    All you need to do with this system is feed leads into it and as long as you do that then you can generate big-ticket commissions. So in a nut shell, you put leads into the Online Sales Machine System and then sit back and collect 90% commissions on our proven converting front end products.

    PLUS you also get commissions on our back-end high ticket items too, much bigger commissions.

    That’s about as easy as it gets.

    Now, with that being said I’m not trying to “beat the gurus” at their own game. Not at all, I’m playing a different game entirely, the top 3% of earners in this industry probably haven’t even heard of my name, and that’s fine with me. Like many people watching this right now, I started out from complete scratch. I know how it feels to bang your head on the wall over and over wondering if anything would EVER work.

    I started thus journey from me bedroom as a college drop out in late 2008. I spent all of my college money and more trying to find an online business that actually did half of what they claimed and by the end of 2009 I was completely broke. I even considered moving back in with my parents, that’s how desperate I really was.

    But late that year my very first breakthrough occurred. I actually got a sale and made my first $1,000 commission. I studied exactly HOW and WHY that sale went through, which product it was and I started to see some patterns. I started to see a future of the system I could create to duplicate that same commission to do it over and over again.

    I made the process better, created new products, automated as much of it as I could… and it started to perform better and better.

    I soon started brining in $3,000 a week, then $5,000, and then $10,000 and even more.

    That's when I KNEW I had found a
    winning formula, a system that WORKED… over and over again.

    Now at the start of this, we mentioned that there was actually a way that you could get started on this very same path to success and I’m about to share that with you now.

    You deserve the exact same success that we’ve been experiencing and I’m willing to give you access to the system without having to do all the mind bending work that it took me to create it.

    Just think about how long that would take for you to do that on your own. You’d have to learn:

    • How to create a winning offer
    • How to write sales copy
    • How to create your own info-products
    • How to create a sales funnel

    You’d have to go and setup:

    • Merchant Accounts
    • Shopping Carts
    • Customer Support
    • Deal with Refunds
    • Chargebacks
    • Split Testing

    I mean its just a complete headache when you really think about how much it takes to create this from scratch.

    There were many times when I was putting this together, that I actually thought about giving up, but I stuck with it. I’m really glad that I did and so are a lot of people around the world. Like I said before we’ve now paid out over 25 million dollars in commissions with this same system.

    For a long time I did what everyone else did, I was taught that you had to go spend all of your money on traffic and if you just drove traffic, you would make commissions. Before I knew it, I was pretty much broke. That is what most people do and that is the reason that most people in this industry fail.

    They key difference is where you are sending the traffic to… it’s the system that you send the traffic to. The system must be able to convert. And that’s what the online sales machine system will do. It is a break through system that actually converts better than anything else you’ve seen before.

    When you get access to this system, learn about the products, and how it all works, then all you have to do is focus on traffic.

    And traffic, once you learn how, and we’ll help you learn that, is the easy part. So we do everything for you, the products, the proven sales copy, spilt testing, everything I mentioned before with this system, you can have all of that done for you.

    Think for a minute how much time that is going to save you

    Think for a minute how much easier that will make your life

    Think for a minute what will happen to you when you have the real tools in your hands to create the income you’ve been working towards all these years.

    Real money in your bank account that will let you quit your job, take you and your family on a much needed vacation, get out of debt, put some money down on a house or a second home, buy a boat, buy some nice things for you or your significant other, go out to dinner more often, basically just enjoy the finer things in life.

    So how do you get on the “inside” and get started..

    Well it’s quite easy. We’ve put together something really special for you. It’s the My Online Sales Machine Handbook and its pretty much everything I’ve done over the past few years in an easy to read, easy to understand format. It outlines my proven business model in detail, it shows you the exact funnels, products, strategies, and everything else that makes this business work and work incredibly well. Think of it as the blueprint to finally making commissions online.

    This is life-changing information. Its information that you can immediate implement to start building a real business online and I want to put the My Online Sales Machine Handbook in your hands for a ridiculously low price. And to be honest I’m a little bit afraid that once I tell you the price you’re going to look at it and you’re going to judge the value of this program from the price alone.

    I really hope you don’t do that, because you will be missing out on probably the most valuable handbook online today when it comes to generating high-ticket commissions. So what I’m going to do, is I’m going to offer this to you less than you might spend on a meal in a day.

    I’m going to offer this to you for just $10 right here, and right now. I know for a fact that there are people out there in this industry who would happily pay hundreds of dollars, even thousands, for the information contained within this eBook.

    I’m going to give this to you for $10 today, and I’m gunna do that today because I want you to read it, look through it, and possibly we might end up partnering together to use this system.

    So go ahead, click the button below, get started, its only $10 and in a few minutes you can be reading through that handbook soaking up all the information and finally see what everyone making money online is actually doing.

    Once you download this handbook, in just a few minutes, you will immediately see how you can make an extra $5,000 or even $10,000 a month with this information at your fingertips.

    Now just to prove to you how valuable this system has been to not only me, but a lot of people around the word, let me introduce you to a few people who have leveraged the system and have done incredibly well with it.

    First of all there is John Chow, California, 1.4 Million +

    Shaqir Hussyin, London UK, 1.2 Million +

    Carolina Millan, Chile $300,000 +

    Luke Lim, Singapore $338,000

    Adeline Sugianto, Australia $100,000 +

    So what’s your next step?

    All that’s left for you to do right now is to grab your copy of this handbook by clicking the ‘add to cart’ button, filling out your details, and you can literally be reading it in minutes.

    All of my most closely guarded secrets, outlines, techniques, and blueprints for $9.95.

    Now I don’t think we could make you a better offer than that. When you get your copy, you’ll be sent to a new page, and you’ll want to pay very close attention to that as well. On that page I am going to show you how to get started immediately in a strictly limited special offer.

    So now we are right down to it. You have a choice and I urge you to make it quickly. Once you see what’s on the inside of this handbook you will completely understand why we are a little bit uncomfortable leaving this offer up right now at this low price.

    This handbook is literally everything you need to succeed online.

    So go ahead, click that button below, fill out your details, for $9.95 you can get access to all of this in just a few minutes.

    It's My Online Sales Machine Handbook.

    It's pretty much everything I've done over the last several years laid out in an easy to read, easy to understand format.

    It outlines my proven success model in detail, shows you the exact funnels, products, strategies and everything else that makes this business work, and work incredibly well.

    It's the entire process, you can see EXACTLY how David and I are building this empire. Together.

    It's life changing information. Information you can immediately use to start building a real business online.

    And… I want to put My Online Sales Machine Handbook in your hands for a ridiculously low price.

    And to be honest, the price is SO low, that I had to really consider if I wanted to put it out there, but David made some really good arguments for it - so we're going to try it out.

    How low? Less than you spend just walking around on a normal day.

    Less than a lunch out at your local fast food joint.

    I could easily charge $100.00 or more for the explosive information in this handbook, it's literally everything that I used to build my business.

    But I'm not.

    Not anywhere close.

    When you act right now (and really, do it now before I come to my senses)

    priceYou get the whole thing for just…


    Yes, less than 10 bucks.

    All you have to do now it put your info in the boxes pay the measly $9.95 and you get immediate, unlimited access.

    That's it.


    Because we're betting that you'll immediately see how you can make an extra $5000 or even $10,000 a month with this information at your fingertips.

    You'll immediately see how you can make an extra $5,000 or even $10,000 a month with this information at your fingertips.

    Just like David, we're still looking for new partners for the core part of our business. It's called MOBE (My Online Business Education) and it's where millionaires are made.

    mobeIf you become a partner with us there, for every front end sale you generate… you get a whopping 90% - I get 10%

    That's heavily weighted toward your success wouldn't you agree? Not to mention, that's just the tip of the iceberg because many (if not most) of the people who purchase upfront will continue to buy more products.

    You continue to get commissions. Bigger and bigger commissions. Simple as that.

    Our goals are "big and hairy" because I want to take this company and grow it to unbelievable heights, but I can't do it alone.

    I need partners like David, and potentially.. you.

    And this isn't some kind of test balloon either, we've made over $20 million in the past 24 months helping people just like you finally find the keys to success, just take a look:

    So What's NEXT?

    All that's left for you to do now is grab My Online Sales Machine Handbook.

    All of my most closely guarded secrets, outlines, techniques and blueprints…for just $9.95

    I don't think we can make you a better offer than that… do you?

    When you get your copy, you'll be sent straight to a new page that you'll want to pay very close attention to.

    On that page I'll show you how to get started IMMEDIATELY with MOBE, in a strictly limited special offer. Make sure you see it.

    So now we're right down to it. You have a choice and I urge you to make it quickly. David and I are only sharing this information in it's currently ONLY $9,95 for a very short time.

    We've been 100% upfront that we're offering you this ridiculously discounted offer for My Online Sales Machine Handbook because we're looking for the next superstar partner to join us.

    That could be you. Once we fill the ranks, this Handbook will easily sell as one of our new products for $99.00 or more. Once you see what's on the inside you'll completely understand why we're uncomfortable just leaving this offer up over time.

    It's literally everything about this incredibly successful system and more.

    We're taking ALL the risk by putting this offer in your hands today, you have exactly nothing to lose.

    But what you gain could be immeasurable.

    Click the button, put in your information… pay just $9.95 and it's all yours.

    One last note - (this is David Waters for one last thing here)

    I know how hard it can be to make it, I was in very much the same place as you probably are now. When I discovered Matt and his incredible system it literally changed my outlook and my online business forever.

    I would love to see you join us and have those exact same changes come into your life and become our next success story.

    It's up to you now, just fill in your information below and you can get started as soon as TODAY.

    You can always keep doing what you're doing and getting the same lackluster results… or you can plug into a proven SYSTEM that automates it ALL for you and focus on results.

    I think you're going to be truly shocked at just how good this thing actually is.

    Go ahead, you've got nothing to lose, put your info in and join us on the other side.

    To your success,

    David Waters & Matt Lloyd

    Will you be our next
    Success Story?

    P.S. Here are just a few more of our partners seeing their success and fortunes grow: